INTRODUCING: A Revolutionary Online Arabic Intensive Course Designed To Teach You Quranic Arabic & In Depth Tafseer In Only 12 Weeks
every Muslim's dream...Now a reality
Isn't It time You finally learn Arabic & understand the Quran?
is a revolutionary Arabic learning program to teach you the basics of Arabic grammar & vocabulary, as well as in-depth explanation & Tafseer of the Quran-

So that in 12 weeks you can open up the Holy Quran, actually UNDERSTAND it & gain a deeper connection with the words of Allah- all in its original Arabic language- without a translation.

Imagine that, SubhanAllah!

Click the button for more information on how you can learn Classical  Quranic Arabic and understand the words of Allah.

In shaa Allah!

FEATURES of the course:

Engaging Arabic Curriculum

Direct 1 on 1 Support from a Qualified Teacher with over 10 Years Experience!

Flexible Online Learning Times & Live Classes

Perfect for Busy People

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